At STABS, we’re committed to driving forward the complex field of emerging sustainable digital technologies. With a team of experienced advisors and advanced resources on hand, we provide the solutions you need to succeed.

Our technology and digital consultants advise, guide and assist by connecting various devices and systems in ways never imagined before. As a result, our clients are empowered to collect and secure their data more effectively – extracted from any and every source.

Whether you’re working with a machine, process, or software platform, our expert team can assist you in making the most of your equipment. Thanks to our deepened understanding of our field, we provide you with key insights on improving your current infractured workflow – allowing you to optimise your systems to save time and money.

Our consultancy services are the ultimate solution if you’re ready to turn your business into a more sustainable and secure enterprise.

Founding Partners

STABS was set up in 2015 by Simon Abela and Trevor Buhagiar, a professional duo with decades of industry experience in implementing complex digital systems and technologies in various industries.

Simon Abela

Simon is a Warranted Engineer with over 25 years of experience in design and project management of Mechanical and Electrical services. As an award-winning MEP manager, he holds substantial experience supervising end-to-end project activities from inception to completion and delivery.

With strong management skills and expertise in managing a group of multidisciplinary technical teams on a complex project, Simon can take any business infrastructure to the next level. He has worked with clients in multiple countries on projects ranging from hotels, hospitals, factories, commercial buildings, and petrochemical plants.

Trevor Buhagiar

Trevor is a leading figure in the integrated control systems industries, with over 25 years of hands-on experience. Trevor is passionate about IoT (Internet of Things), adapting dispersed technology and business models to reduce costs and enhance operational performance. His expertise covers systems design, implementation, operation, service, and support.

With a personal track record of successfully handling an extensive portfolio of uniquely challenging projects, he has undertaken projects across Europe, the US, and the Middle East.