At STABS, we take pride in guaranteeing a simple, efficient and accessible step-by-step work process on all projects entrusted to us, from conception to completion.

Valuation & Brief

Initial Consultation

We’ll conduct an initial consultation with your project leader to better understand your exact needs and requirements. As well as discovering more about your brief, we’ll establish your end goal and what you want to achieve from our work together.

On-premise & Further Consultation

Once we’ve got the basic details, our team will visit the premise to find out what is needed from an advanced perspective. We’ll discuss your requirements in-depth while on-premise to understand your needs fully.

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Concept Design

Concept Creation

Once we’ve gathered the necessary information, our team will head back to HQ to create an advanced concept proposal. This will map out each stage of the process for your unique project and a detailed valuation of the costs involved.

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Following the initial proposed concept, we will gather all the design information required to implement the project. Following through with the execution till completion, certification, and use.

Design Development

Technical Design


Handover & Completion

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