At STABS, we work closely with clients and their project teams to provide advisory and design solutions that prepare buildings and facilities for the future. By harnessing existing and emerging technologies, we make the built environment more sustainable and safer than ever.

Our philosophy is simple: we ensure buildings and facilities operate ‘on demand’, resulting in a significant return on investment.

Sectors We Service:


To make your workplace more efficient, we reduce operational expenses by implementing the performance of heat, ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting systems according to how people occupy spaces and external environmental conditions.


Achieving on-demand control is possible by ensuring plant and equipment are switched off according to the school’s occupancy, boosting operational efficiency.


Due to their random occupancy patterns, hotels often find that intelligent energy management systems maximise their savings when it comes to energy consumption. Through sophisticated machine learning, energy use can be monitored and optimised in real-time – all year round.

Industrial Facilities

As one of the biggest energy consumers, industrial facilities have considerable costs to endure. We can save this sector by matching consumption with lower energy.

Hospitals and Clinics

Energy monitoring and management are essential for healthcare facilities to minimise costs and maximise operational efficiency. With the right technologies in place, these establishments y tariffs can become more successful and sustainable.