The industry keeps society moving, so we need to ensure sustainability and safety is a priority. Our experienced advisors bridge the gap between the manufacturing floor and the production lines across Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) by:

Our advanced process makes it possible for high-level management to make smarter decisions, furthering the success potential of the business. We provide industrial solutions for each organisation’s specific goals, from energy usage to increased production. As a result, managers will be able to understand the efficiency of the process in the production line, allowing them to take the necessary decisions rapidly. Prompt action will minimise fault and maximise production, bringing in a further return on investment.

The industry services we specialise in include:


Our advisors are passionate about IIOT and Industry 4.0 and eager to drive digital transformation forward. As a result, we can bring maximum transparency to the forefront at the field level and across all vertical levels up to corporate management.  

Oil & Gas

From process instrumentation and data collection to advanced analytics, we design systems that ensure the highest productivity and resource efficiency – even under the most challenging conditions. No matter your requirements, our expert teams are here to help.


At STABS, we view pharmaceutical processes through their entire life cycle, looking beyond system boundaries. This outlook includes products, systems, solutions and services, assessed according to GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice). We can make a significant impact by harnessing data integrity from entry and recording to long-term archiving.